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Annual Subscriptions and Other Dues

  • Application fee : $50

  • The following annual subscription fees are payable to ASSETS:
        (a) Ordinary Members:      S$120.00
        (b) Associate Members:   S$300.00

  • Any changes in the subscription fee shall be determined by the General Meeting of the members from time to time. The Executive Committee may in its sole and absolute discretion declare a discount which shall apply equally to all members within the category of membership for which the discount has been declared.

  • All annual subscriptions except that for the year in which a member first joins ASSETS (which shall be payable forthwith upon joining) shall be payable on the 1st day of January in each year.

  • The amount of annual subscription payable by a member in the year in which a member first joins will be pro-rated on a monthly basis.

  • Any member whose annual subscription remains unpaid after thirty (30) days from the time it is due shall be notified of the default by the Executive Committee. If the arrears are not fully paid up within sixty (60) days from the time it is due, the Executive Committee shall review the circumstances and may in its sole and absolute discretion either:
        (a) Enter into an agreement with the member to pay its dues in installments; or
        (b) Terminate the membership of such member.

  • No member shall be entitled to a return of paid subscription fees upon discontinuation or termination of membership.

  • Any additional funds required for special purposes may only be raised from members upon approval of a General Meeting.