The Voice For Early Childhood Education Industry

Our Aims

  • Conduct research and development in early childhood education skills, methods and techniques;
  • Conduct training programmes, workshops, lectures, talks and courses in the field of early childhood education and related fields;
  • Promote the general awareness and understanding of the profession in Singapore;
  • Provide a forum for members to exchange ideas and explore areas for co-operation;
  • Assist members in improving the quality and standards of their centres and business by providing coordination and support, and related training programmes and courses;
  • Liaise with government departments and other relevant authorities and bodies on matters concerning early childhood education matters;
  • Apply to governmental or regulatory authorities or other public bodies or to corporations, companies or persons for, and accept, grants of money, land, donations, gifts, subscriptions, contracts, rights, privileges, concessions and other assistance for promoting the objects of ASSETS and to conform to any proper conditions upon which such grants and other payments may be made;
  • Establish and maintain affiliations and/or co-operation with relevant organisations globally;
  • Employ or appoint consultants, professional or otherwise, whether or not on remuneration terms, for the purpose of giving effect or better giving effect or attaining the above objectives or any of them.